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Vacuum HEPA Filter 2 pack - KBF500


This is the HEPA & Charcoal Foam filter set for some Kambrook KBV500 Vacuum Cleaner. Renew your vacuum cleaners suction and performance.

Product Information

  • Genuine Kambrook Vacuum Cleaner HEPA & Charcoal filter set.
  • Renew suction performance

Includes -

  • 2 x Charcoal Foam Filter
  • 2 x HEPA Filter

This HEPA filters work as part of the filtration system to provide a hygienic and clean home. HEPA filters are particularly important if your household has allergy suffers.

We recommend that your exhaust HEPA filter is replaced every 3 years or when it becomes discoloured.

Should you purchase a washable or non-washable HEPA filter? Check out our Blog.

Note: Never wash and reuse a Vacuum Cleaner filter unless it is specifically designed to be washed. This could result in vacuum cleaner motor failure.

  • Part number: KBF500
  • Stock code: 10081279

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