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Mixer Glass Liquidiser Attachment KAH359GL


The KAH359GL glass blender / liquidiser attachment for some Kenwood Chef and Major mixers. Attaches to the high speed outlet at the top of your Kenwood mixer. Perfect attachment for making smoothies.

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Kenwood Mixer Glass Liquidiser Attachment KAH359GL

Product Information

Genuine Kenwood mixer blender / liquidiser attachment ThermoResistâ„¢ Glass Blender Dish washer safe High speed outlet Capacity:

Hot liquid 1.2 L Cold liquid 1.6 L Dimensions:

Height 275 mm Includes:

Glass jug Blade Seal Lid Centre Lid

The ThermoResistâ„¢ Glass Blender switches between hot and cold mixes without the slightest risk of shattering or clouding. With removable, easy clean stainless steel blades, it's a great addition to your Kenwood toolkit.

  • Part number: AW22000005
  • Stock code: 10150595

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