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Unfortunately this product is now obsolete. We are no longer able to source it from any of our suppliers.

Mixer Whisk 9 Wire Major KW712208


This 9 Wire Whisk attachment is for Kenwood Major, Major Titanium and Major Professional Mixers.

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Kenwood Mixer Whisk 9 Wire Major KW712208

Product Information

  • Genuine Kenwood Chef mixer whisk
  • 9 wire whisk
  • Adjustable Circlip Shaft
  • Non-Bayonet Hub
  • Aluminium Collar

It is important that you adjust the height of your Kenwood attachment before using it in your machine.

Adjustment instructions:

  1. Unplug the mixer
  2. Raise the mixer head and insert the whisk or beater
  3. Hold the attachment, then loosen the lock nut on the shaft
  4. Lower the mixer head
  5. Adjust the height by turning the shaft. Ideally the whisk/K-beater should be almost touching the bottom of the bowl
  6. Raise the head, hold the whisk/K-beater and tighten the lock-nut.
  • Part number: KW712208
  • Stock code: 10150022