Help with enquiries

What is an enquiry?

Unfortunately we can't stock every part for every appliance. If we don't have what you need, we may be able to get it for you.

Open an enquiry, we'll check with our supplier and give you a quote for price and timeframe.

The process

  1. You submit an enquiry
  2. We identify the part number, then submit the information to the relevant supplier
  3. Our supplier updates our system with the current price and availability
  4. We price it up and send you an email with a link to a unique page on our website. You can view the price and approximate delivery timeframe, then complete the purchase online

One-Off Order Charge

For items ordered in especially for you, we may include a one-off order charge of $4.95. This covers additional freight charges from our suppliers, and the additional effort required by us to identify your part.

This charge will only be applied once per order, even if you buy multiple items.

Ordering timeframes

Out of respect to our suppliers, we try not to place small orders. Your part will most likely be added to our next planned order with the relevant supplier. At a minimum this happens once a week, but is often more frequent.